Modern Icon

Thalé Blanc designs bags for the modern fashion icon, a woman of both style and substance, who sees the beauty in the details of life.  In this vein, we starting thinking of the iconic ladies who have come before us and wondered how they would embody a Thalé Blanc piece.

Elizabeth Taylor, the closest thing to American royalty, would choose the regal Talia clutch in sand/gold.  The color would perfectly complement her iconic purple eyes and, as we all know, Elizabeth was quite the fan of baubles.

1960s IT girl Jane Birkin, on the other hand, would gravitate towards a more earthy accessory, namely the Margaux tote.  Reminiscent of the Yves Saint Laurent safari era, this tote would match Jane’s effortlessly simple style to a tee.


Finally, we have Jennifer Lopez.  With her penchant for risk taking and her notoriously glamorous lifestyle, we know she would choose to rock the bold new staple, Adrianne.   A bag that combines the classic with the exotic, just like Jennifer.


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