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Ever since posting our interview with our divine designer, Deborah Sawaf, we have been obsessed with her beautiful description of the Thalé Blanc woman: “she is a worldly, confident socialite, a trendsetter, who appreciates art, history, impeccable craftsmanship and fine quality.  Because she sets the tone, she’s always looking for something new.”

As she was saying the words, we couldn’t help imagine who this woman was, what she wore, where she traveled… The vast number of possibilities led us to our first StyleSaint StyleBook entitled The Thalé Blanc Woman.

To view our StyleBook, either click the photo below or here.

Now that we’ve discovered our Thalé Blanc woman, it’s your turn to tell us how you would describe her…


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    Thank you so much, Allison! We love StyleSaint :)

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