Color Riche

Color Riche

One of the many reasons we are so very excited to be apart of the beautifully curated handbag department at Stanley Korshak in Dallas is that they are carrying three pieces from our upcoming Holiday 2012 collection.  Although we’ve showed you a whisper of the new collection a few weeks ago, we’re taking this opportunity to introduce you further to the pieces to be released this Holiday season (the ones even Stanley Korshak is lusting after).

For Holiday 2012, we are reinterpreting our beloved Talia with bolder, richer colors.  Never one to shy away from the bolder side of life, we know our Thalé Blanc woman will indulge in these Color Riche clutches with vive en vigueur.

Our newest palette of purple, turquoise, and sand bring a dynamic quality to the exotic python native to Talia, giving it an almost three-dimensional quality.  When they first arrived in our offices, we literally had to stop ourselves from caressing the creations set before us.

The Color Riche has even seeped into Talia‘s jewel-encrusted closures, where you’ll see a subtle dance of colored gemstones complementing these royal-esque beauties.

Welcome to our season of Color Riche, coming to stores Stanley Korshak and our online store soon…

P.S.  There are three more Talia pieces coming for Holiday 2012, but you’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see those…


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