Majestic TALIA

It has become a tradition on this blog to, when we unveil a new Thalé Blanc collection, to also showcase our newest incarnation of the TALIA clutch.  A cornerstone of our past several collections, TALIA may change in color and texture, but it’s majestic grace continually remains the same.

Thale Blanc TALIA Spring Clutch

For Spring 2013, TALIA has been created in four separate, yet equally stunning, hues: black, iridescent, green and grey.  And in two luscious textures: the classic python and the new stamped crocodile.

The iridescent design, made in python, perfectly embodies our Vibrant Majesty color palette.  The striking blues and greens of choice for Spring 2013 are infused into TALIA‘s skin and Swarovski crystal-encrusted clasp, creating an almost waterfall-esque effect.

The other TALIA clutches are made with a stamped crocodile skin and a new Art Deco-esque adornment.   The hues of black, green, and grey were chosen for their simplicity, letting the majesty of the crocodile shine in every piece.

It is always a joy for us to showcase the beauty that is TALIA.  And this season, we are not the only ones admiring its beauty…


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