Thale Blanc KARINA Clutch in Gold

Hot off the heels of the introduction of our new IPHONE 4 CASE, we have another beauty to introduce to you!

THALÉ BLANC has put a new spin on its classic KARINA piece, infusing it with our love of opulent metals, to create the new gold and silver python KARINA clutches you see today. Handcrafted to bring you the best in exotic skins, these bags are unlike any you’ve ever seen before from THALÉ BLANC

Thale Blanc KARINA Clutch in Silver

Both the gold and silver incarnations have our cheetah motif embellished with jet black Swarovski crystals. The jet black, a crystal we’re using more and more in our collections, brings a chic edge to the majestic cheetah… And it truly pops against the glossy metallic color.

Click here to visit the THALÉ BLANC online store to get your gold or silver KARINA clutch today!


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