THALÉ BLANC may be headquartered in sunny Los Angeles, but we are proud to be sold in luxe retail locations AROUND THE WORLD. Australia, Italy, China… the haute couture creations of THALÉ BLANC are all available there!

And, in the beautiful area of Marbella, you will find ELITE the exclusive retailer of THALÉ BLANC in Spain!

Thale Blanc at ELITE Marbella

ELITE curates a selection of the most in-demand fashion and accessories, perfectly catering to their chic clientele. They always give their customers a beautiful shopping experience that truly befits the name elite.

Thale Blanc at ELITE Marbella

For the Fall 2013 season, ELITE will be carrying several fantastic THALÉ BLANC pieces, especially a trio of cheetah calf hair looks. Incarnations of ADRIANNE, TONI, and TONI GRANDE feature this new texture for fall, the latter of which integrates a vibrant stripe of red for a truly bold look.

To see these beautiful creations person, plus other incarnations of KARINA, MAYA LUXE, and TONI, visit ELITE this season at Benabola 8 in Marbella, Spain 29660.


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