COLLEZIONI ACCESSORI is one of those publications, one of those fashion bibles, that give insiders a view of the most in-demand accessories of the season. There have been many milestones for THALÉ BLANC in the past, but being featured in the new issue of COLLEZIONI ACCESSORI is nearly as good as it gets!

In the first editorial, 24 Karat, the editors of COLLEZIONI ACCESSORI chose two golden THALÉ BLANC pieces to showcase their point of view. The TONI clutch is a beautiful marriage of Nappa leather and python skin, looking so chic in a golden noir palette. And then there’s ADRIANNE… Arguably the most famous of THALÉ BLANC‘s collection, this beauty is perfection in pure gold.

Press - Collezioni Accessori Magazine with TONI and ADRIANNE

Python is the theme of the second COLLEZIONI ACCESSORI editorial which features the regal RAJ cuff.  RAJ is simply stunning in a deeply vibrant fuchsia with the signature DAGGER motif as a striking compliment.

Press - Collezioni Accessori Magazine with RAJ

The TONI clutch, ADRIANNE clutch, and RAJ cuff are all must-have luxury items for fall, contact us at to complete your autumn wardrobe!

Thale Blanc TONI clutch, ADRIANNE clutch, and RAJ cuff


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