From New York to Paris, THALÉ BLANC, has been showcasing its Spring/Summer 2014 collection to a select group of international buyers and editors. As a special preview of the beauty to come, we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes looks from our New York stop, Coterie.

In our home away from home in the Big Apple, Coterie Booth 3625,  every new piece of our Spring/Summer 2014 was beautifully displayed, like a rainbow of luxury. The Art Deco nature of  the CIARA clutch and PARFAIT bangle, the neon hues of the MARSEILLES tote, and the dégradé shading of ladybag AUDREY. Each and every piece stood out on their own and yet coordinated together perfectly.

While you’ll be seeing a great deal more of this collection to come, let us leave you with this. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection includes all the signatures now synonymous with THALÉ BLANC: vibrant colors, rich textures, and haute couture details.

But something this season is different, as if THALÉ BLANC has taken one more step into the world of luxury with pieces unimagined by the human eye and too beautiful not to see in person.


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