This weekend was not like most weekends. This weekend I escaped to a place in the world where not many have had the opportunity to see or experience and so I wanted to share with you the amazing sights of the Jeita Grotto.

On Saturday afternoon we explored the Jeita Grottos caverns in the Nahr-al-Kalb valley, which is less than 20 kilometres north of Beirut. There are two parts to the cave, the upper and lower, they are separate  but interconnected, parts of  karstic limestone caverns that have an overall length of nearly 9 kilometers. The Upper part of the cave is accessible by ground but the lower part of the cave you can only access by boat and so we opted for a once in a life time experience. In a small boat we glided along the Dark Lake river through the small arches of the cave that calmly took is into a cold massive hall filled with impressive  rock formations of limestone and stalagmite. The caves formations were large and lit with a stage like ambiance of different colored bright lights that reflected their overpowering shapes and forms.The caves ceilings were very tall but in some parts they were low and in this case the most stunning, because you could see thousands of stalactites hanging from the walls like icicles. It’s amazing what astonishing beauty nature can produce. It was truly a breathtaking and inspirational experience and I hope you enjoy!



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